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The value of quality seed is closely perceived by every farmer. Plant germination and crop yields depend on healthy grain. Obtaining reliable information is helped by the invention of Leonid Fadeev, special equipment that can “examine” all the data of each seed.

Again about the initial conditions of a large crop
Experts name the three main conditions for obtaining a high grain yield. It:

  • plant standing per square meter;
  • the number of grains in the spikelet / panicle /;
  • weight of a thousand grains (each gram of grain in an ear / panicle gives an additional centner of yield per hectare).

For example, knowing the mass of a thousand grains helps determine the sowing rate per hectare, and as a result, precious seed will not be wasted. In addition, in scientific works a lot of attention is paid to the need to take into account the energy of germination of grain, its germination, humidity, purity.

Speaking about the quality of the seed, many refer to the fact that all the necessary indicators will be determined in the state control and seed laboratories. However, no one denies that field germination of seeds is always lower than laboratory.

It was also established that in order to obtain a high yield, coarseness and density of seeds are of great importance: they can be of different quality both in size and weight. Practice has shown that large and full-bodied seeds give an earlier and higher yield. On this basis, an opinion is expressed more and more often about the need to sort seeds, and more precisely this can be done with the help of special equipment developed and proposed for use on a large scale by the Ukrainian enterprise FADEEV AGRO Plant.

About modern equipment – from its creator
The company has developed equipment for high-quality cleaning and preparation of strong seeds. The director of FADEEV AGRO Plant, Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor Leonid Vasilyevich Fadeev modestly calls himself a specialist in cleaning grain and preparing strong seeds, and at the same time proudly reports that this equipment successfully works in seven countries of the world.

Leonid Fadeev is also the co-founder and founder of the enterprise, the main direction of which is the development and production of complexes for a full processing cycle, autonomous modules for cleaning the seeds after the combine, calibration of seeds, separation of seeds by density, pre-sowing. He is also known as the author of more than 30 patents for the invention of technology for the gentle technology for the production of selected seeds.

In an interview, Leonid Fadeev spoke more about the equipment itself and about the new technology.
– It turned out that the new technology copes with the purification and preparation of seeds of small seeded crops, such as amaranth, chia (our chia purification equipment operates in Paraguay). Amaranth is a difficult culture, because there is a shiritsa (wild plant), and it is very friendly with amaranth. As soon as you sow cultural amaranth, a shiritsa will immediately appear in his company. Therefore, there are features of purification of amaranth.

Here it is necessary to make a small digression, since the company is not only engaged in amaranth. You can turn to Leonid Fadeev for help regarding relatively autonomous modules for cleaning grain after a combine harvester, calibrating seeds and other equipment, which is distinguished primarily by gentle technologies. It is possible to minimize injury to the product during cleaning and sorting. We are talking about the seeds of different cultures, about the latest technologies for preparing raw materials for processing and processing itself. Here, for example, the features of preparing sunflower seeds.
– We got a clean nucleolus (without husk), pressed it in a cold way, did extraction with chladone and got protein. But this is a very narrow topic.
“Narrow,” that is, only for specialists?
– no. Just the question of cleaning seeds and preparing grain is in my books, where I narrate for the farmer, where I remove the too “scientific” part, and leave the essence. No farmer said he did not understand …
– And what is the essence of your method?
– This is called “Sparing, fractional, strong seed production technology.” The fact is that any plant feeds its seeds selectively: some seeds are given all the nutrients in full, and all the rest how it goes. The first receive useful substances first, plants from them bloom first. This is in order to preserve the population. No matter what the weather is, no matter how the conditions are, these strong seeds will certainly germinate. So it was millions of years before the appearance of man on earth.

Thanks only to the property of plants to preserve the population, wild forms of plants have reached our ancestors. Then began the cultivation of these plants. Now everything is exactly the same, but we just showed the technology and gave tools that distinguish these strong seeds from the total seed. The distinctive principle of such seeds is that they are a little heavier. But in order to catch this “little bit”, you need a very accurate calibration in terms of size and shape of seeds. Here we are kings). I have patented a sieve that makes such a division. These sieves in the 21st century across the globe go, I showed them to the Americans, Canadians. The technology that we offer was born in Ukraine, and my equipment is already operating in seven countries. In the future, in 20 years, it will be in every country.

Of course, in the world there is equipment for cleaning and calibration of grain. But Leonid Fadeev and the company offer unique cars for today.
– There are flat sieves that the whole world does, but they do not meet the task. I patented the Fadeev sieve. It is made of wires, but the main thing is that the sperm rotates on this sieve (the sieve tells it to turn and try on the smallest thickness). This checks whether there is something to sprout in the seed, and if not, to the side. And the one that is plump, with nutrients, is selected.

The ability to rotate a grain and try on it with the smallest thickness, sideways – this is the advantage of the Fadeev sieve.

Amaranth as a separate page in the development of technology
Many people know that amaranth is unique in its composition, a large number of proteins, squalene. But its uniqueness is not only in this. This culture is also distinguished by its miniature seed size: each of them resembles poppy in size. Therefore, cleaning amaranth is considered quite time-consuming, especially with large volumes of its cultivation. In addition, it is easy to make a mistake, because in the composition of amaranth seeds there are many exactly the same in shape and size of the seeds of a wild plant – shiritsa. However, between the wild form of the seeds and the cultivated one, there is a distinctive feature – density: the seeds of amaranth are insignificant, but still denser than the seeds of shiritsa. If this is the case, then separation is possible, and it is better to do it on pneumovibrostol.

Many farmers who grow amaranth in large areas, processors, dream of being able to significantly simplify the process of cleaning grain. This opportunity is the acquisition of pneumovibrostol for the amaranth purification line. The equipment is manufactured by the FADEEV AGRO factory. According to the manufacturers themselves, this device plays a key role not only in the technological process of grain cleaning, but also in the preparation of a strong, more productive seed. Sorting (distribution) of grain occurs due to the different weights of strong seeds and damaged or diseased, seeds of other crops or weeds, particles of stems and leaves.

According to experts, amaranth, purified from large / small plant and mineral litter, is sent for separation of seeds by density on a PVSF pneumovibrostol. Since such equipment has a unique setting of the operation mode due to the adjustable fans of each separately, the separation of seeds by density occurs even in the case of a very small difference in this parameter in the composition of the mixture. Given these features of the equipment from FADEEV AGRO, we can assume that in the near future demand for it will increase, the areas under amaranth and the volume of processed products of this culture will increase.

On the effect of individual amaranth products
In our case, we are talking primarily about oil from amaranth grain. The author of many inventions Leonid Fadeev spoke enthusiastically about the use of this product.
– Here I have amaranth groats on my table … But the amaranth oil is cool! There is squalene, which is not anywhere in such quantity. In the shark liver, squalene is 2-3%, and in amaranth oil – 8-9%. There is Shvedov, the main processor of amaranth, so he is already a professional in processing, and I am in the background a “kindergarten”. Kowtow to him.
– You speak as a user … What results of using amaranth oil have you noticed for yourself?
– He has an amazing ability: upon contact and interaction with living tissues (whether internal or external), interacting with moisture, immediately gives oxygen to this tissue. You can apply oil to the skin and it will disperse through the capillaries. And if you consume oil inside, – the same thing happens, oxygen disperses throughout all tissues.

“You didn’t use amaranth oil all the time, did you?”
– Wow. But he did not do digital research.
– You said that there is amaranth groats …
– Yes. I just make it with boiling water. They say it tastes like grass, so what? Add honey – and no longer grass. This is my breakfast.
– And at the end of the conversation: what can you say to farmers who have started or plan to grow amaranth?
– If in the country the processing of a certain crop has been set, then the farmer who cultivates this crop is on horseback. They brought here sunflower processing plants, and Ukraine can process 11 million tons of sunflower, and export 80% to Europe. The price of sunflower is good why? Because domestic demand is good, processing is good. Alexander Duda, chairman of the Association of manufacturers of amaranth and amaranth products, does the right thing, focusing on processing. There will be good processing, there will be a demand for raw materials, and there will be a demand for raw materials, there will be a farmer with good profits. Recycling is an added value. All this is then projected onto raw materials. There can be no loss.

Nature only asks us whether we know it or not. If we know nature, we feel good, if not, we lose a lot. But amaranth is nature. Here, on amaranth, 10,000 years ago, the natives of America grew up. For a long time I could not understand how and due to what, because they have no wheat, no barley, no oats, but what about bread? .. And then I realized: amaranth. Now he is returning to the civilized world. In America, 23 institutes deal with amaranth; there is a specialized institute that deals only with amaranth. Therefore, we cannot lose.

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