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Amaranth fans are well aware of the benefits of products from this wonderful plant for the human body. The known information, first of all, concerns their consumption inside. And for external use – here everyone experiments and draws conclusions on how best to be treated with amaranth oil or decoction. After all, there are still very few special cosmetic products of Ukrainian production with this healing plant. Or maybe this is for the best – after all, you can add useful oil or infusions from the leaves yourself to creams, shampoos, balms or ointments. The benefits of these funds will increase many times over. And if we are talking about home masks for hair or face, then this is their main value: the presence of natural ingredients and a short shelf life. Even for instant application, an excellent solution is to mix the ingredients of the hand made cream and immediately rub into the scalp, face or body.

Recommendations on how to add amaranth oil to cosmetics for skin, face and body:
For a day or night cream – before applying your favorite cream, add a few drops of amaranth oil, rub with your palms and lubricate your face up to the décolleté with your usual movements. In the area around the eyes, it is desirable that the consistency of the cream lay in a thicker layer – it is here that there are places that are more vulnerable to wrinkles. In windy or frosty weather, this method of care will maximize your skin from drying out. Does it matter when it is more beneficial to use a cream enriched with amaranth – in the morning or before bed? Since the skin is at rest at night, gets rid of stress and renews itself at the cellular level, it is more advisable to apply amaranth cream after cleansing the face in the evening. And, if used in the morning – no earlier than 20 minutes before going out into the fresh air.

For an everyday body cream – the amount of amaranth oil added depends on how much of the cream you take to apply to your entire body. Try mixing in about 1:10, where 1 part is amaranth. The fat content of the cream also depends on the composition of the cream itself. If there are already other herbal phyto-oils in there, and your skin is not too dry, then the amaranth part can be reduced. Should I only apply pure amaranth oil to my skin? Of course, if these are separate areas with obvious problems – severe dryness, redness from physical impact – for example, scuffs on the legs from new shoes. But be sure to pay attention to the individual reaction to amaranth. If the redness increases and you feel discomfort, then this remedy is not suitable for you. But, most often, amaranth products, on the contrary, are a positive reaction – the skin heals faster and becomes tender. There are cases that individual inflammations on the skin of the face or body are the result of diseases of the internal organs. Therefore, double attention is needed – to see a doctor with current health problems and apply amaranth oil to the area of ​​the skin that gives out a “marker” of dysfunction within the body.

For hair and scalp, there are several options for using amaranth products to improve the condition of the skin and the tidiness of your hair.
Adding raw amaranth oil to shampoo and hair balm. You can pour it into the palm of your hand together with the product immediately before water treatments. Or – add a few tablespoons to the entire bottle and shake thoroughly. In this case, you need to shake again before each use.
Application of masks with the addition of amaranth raw materials. During cosmetic hair manipulations that you usually do, add 1-2 teaspoons of amaranth oil. If the hair is dry after dyeing or for another reason, the volume of oil may be increased. The duration of the mask should be slightly increased so that the active substances work well at the hair follicle and along the entire hair length.
Rinse hair after washing with a decoction of amaranth leaves. It does not matter what kind of raw material it will be – in the form of dry herbal tea or fresh leaves. You can also combine amaranth with other herbs or flowers that will make your hair healthy and lush. Add amaranth in a mix with chamomile, St. John’s wort, mint, lovage, calendula, marshmallow root, with raspberry or strawberry leaves, linden flowers. Or opt for a hair collection that you create yourself. After such a pleasant and miraculous bath for hair, the scalp will be healthier, and you will feel lightness and comfort after the first rinse. Even for the mental state, such sessions of amaranto therapy are very useful – after all, natural ingredients have a special relaxing effect.
Herbal hair coloring with the addition of amaranth oil. This option for influencing your hair is described in this example below. Henna acts as a paint, and everything else is added during kneading a thick solution: salt, amaranth oil and a decoction of medicinal herbs. It turns out a powerful 4-fold effect for strengthening hair. Hairstyle looks shiny, combed better and has a rich color. Henna envelops each hair, which increases the total volume of the hair, and other components heal and nourish it.

“I am sharing the secret of hair strengthening – without unnecessary chemicals and with healing amaranth oil. To be honest, it was amaranth oil that was added for the first time, and before that I mixed other beneficial hair oils. The trick of the recipe is quite simple and, most importantly, you do not need to lubricate your head too much in order to avoid strong grease from the oil consistency. Since I dye my hair with henna, I take the following ingredients for the mask: henna powder, half a teaspoon salt (for a splendid effect), a dessert spoon of amaranth oil (a tablespoon in the photo, but not full). If your hair is quite thick, add full. And that’s enough for mine. Oh, where are my 16 years – when the mane could not at least be tied with something 😄 Now every hair is like a precious treasure!
Mix whatever you add with hot water. I also add a decoction of herbs instead of boiling water. And then stir until the consistency of sour cream. On previously washed hair and dried with a towel, I smear this mask-paint between the partings. The hair may still be damp and the mask is hot. After a few minutes it will still cool down. Then I pull a bag and a scarf or dry towel over my hair. Let it all stay warm up to 2 hours. And then the henna must be washed. There is another secret here: so that small henna particles do not remain on the scalp, then I begin to wash off the mask. And then I smear hair balm on what has not been washed. It allows the henna residues to slip better. That’s it – dry it and admire your hairstyle
I want to note that from the traditional paint from the store, my hair runs away, like from fright. Well, they don’t like all this chemistry. And since I still want to enjoy the splendor of my own hair for a longer time, then I chemistry with substances of natural origin. If you do not want such a reddish shade as mine, then take henna just strengthening.
Believe me, one bottle of amaranth oil will be enough for you for half a year, for sure, or even more. I make such a holiday for my hair 2 times a month. And I am sure that such medicines for women’s hair are several times cheaper than those offered in many online stores ”

Svetlana, 46 years old, Ukraine, Dnipro

In addition to the classic raw-crushed amaranth oil, you can use amaranth seed germ oil to improve the condition of the skin and hair. The action is just as amazingly rewarding!

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