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What do Ukrainians need in order to become rich citizens in their country and rise in the world income ranking for each citizen of the country? There will be a lot of answers to this question, mainly with complaints and complaints. It seems that we are walking around a big pie that does not belong to us. Every time a tidbit flies away somewhere, but not into our mouth and not into our family. Crumbs are flying onto the table, which are enough for us to cover our current expenses. And only incorrigible positivists repeat like a mantra: “Everything will be good.” This is great, but when? And most importantly, thanks to what and to whom?

The modern Ukrainian traveler and blogger Orest Zub visits countries with different living standards and cultural and social traditions. In his video about his stay in the capital of Qatar, Doha (ex. Doha), he sincerely wonders why so many young Ukrainians live here. Yes, of course it is clear that they came here to work for a certain period of time. But then they still remain! Because it is a stable city with guaranteed social and economic benefits, for visitors as well. Doha is located among solid sands, plus not everyone is used to very hot weather. The traveler is surprised by the pretentiousness and size of new buildings, but not by the greenery of parks and alleys (there are practically none of them here). Our compatriots do not complain about the arid climate and the great distance from Ukraine when everything else is so well organized. “How can you live there ?!” – exclaim a summer resident, accustomed to gardening or gardening every spring. The agronomist will be bored here – an amaranth plantation or a homemade cucumber will not grow in the sands.

And comparing life in Qatar and in Ukran, you come to the following conclusions:

  • There are no taxes for small entrepreneurs in Qatar. Consequently, when taxes are reduced, business activity of medium and small businesses increases. How about this in Ukraine? No comment – you yourself know.
  • The huge deposits of oil and gas are the cushion for ensuring a decent life for the citizens of Qatar. We do not have this – therefore we all pay our neighbors for this. We extract only some part for our own needs. But there is a powerful intellectual potential that is able to develop a concept for the use of alternative energy sources. And for other compatriots to implement it, instead of looking for a profitable job in Europe.
  • Qataris, in general, are not themselves the creators of material values ​​and conditions for a comfortable life. The country invests in diligent foreigners who build it all on its territory. Ukrainians, on the other hand, are always wary of newcomers who could more actively repair roads, build new housing, work in factories and new enterprises.
    Residents of a rich country do not have a large area of ​​fertile land (it would be better to say – there are none at all), but they eat what they want deliciously. There are also enough tourists, who come more and more every year. Ukraine has perhaps the largest area in Europe for the cultivation of traditional and exclusive food plants. But thanks to the heavy use of chemicals and mindless crop rotation, our soils are terribly poorer. Dry winds become more frequent even in spring, which further destroys the famous Ukrainian black soil. It is the basis for our survival under any economic circumstances.
  • Qatar creates scenic replicas of the world famous wonders of the world to develop the tourism business. But Ukraine has many pearls of architecture and nature, which only need to be put in order and create conditions for the arrival of foreign tourists in these places.

World GDP per capita ranking

Not a single black earth …
As you can see, the richest country in the world does not have unique black soil, wide fields with golden ears of wheat, and millions of citizens with secondary and higher education. Moreover, only 10 percent of the indigenous population lives in Qatar. All other people are expats from poorer countries, civilian workers of various specialties. They come from all over the world and staying here grow rich along with the Qataris. And in size, this corner of the Middle East is more similar to some of our region. And the pace of construction of new skyscrapers is not decreasing. These beautiful apartments will be occupied by new wealthy residents who need quality food, or rather, organic food.

And what is our gold and diamonds ?! Ha, exactly what Qatar and people of all countries need is, of course, organic food. The key word is “organic” because they require a lot of manual labor, the latest technology and are undeniably expensive.
Among the list of such products with a high nutritional value, amaranth is almost the first in the list of goods, for which there is a queue of foreign wholesale companies today. And the main requirement from them for amaranth grain and oil is precisely compliance with all the rules of growing and processing. Now is the time when Ukrainian farmers should closely study the new principles of organic farming in order to cultivate various varieties of amaranth and adequately keep the mark “Organic product. Made in Ukraine “.

Manufacturing enterprises in Ukraine should focus on the sale of value-added goods, and not on cheaper raw materials.
The sale of raw materials for export, grown by agricultural companies, is not a priority. Because it can turn out the same way as with rapeseed or other cereals. We sell an unprocessed product and create various goodies or technical goods from it. Then our stores buy it in order to sell it to Ukrainians at “appetizing prices”. Therefore, special attention should be paid to entrepreneurs who have learned to create natural products for a foreign consumer. As an example – a number of organic dishes based on organic amaranth, grown according to environmental standards.
Today, there are already projects that are exactly those profitable positions with added value, which in terms of quality and useful properties are competitive with many products of the world’s food brands. Do not forget that pharmaceutical companies are also interested in purchasing amaranth oil or dried amaranth leaves. With particular attention, pharmacists monitor research on the effectiveness of therapy for various diseases with phytoactive components from this plant.

Successful retailers that are promoting their influence in Europe and in emerging economies rely on food products based on organic vegetables, fruits, herbs and cereals. Ukraine can export more of these goods. Some of them are well known to the Ukrainian buyer, but there are also types that unexpectedly delight with the exclusive taste and value of the composition – both here and abroad.

Demand for amaranth products is increasing due to the interest of the vegetarian community.
Amaranth, a gluten-free and high-protein plant-based product, ranks far ahead of other grains used in convenience foods, sweets and vegan meals. Already today, developed and launched into production for Ukrainian consumers: amaranth bakery products, snacks and breads, honey-amaranth pasta, yoghurts, baby food, cookies and pasta, herbal teas, and, in the end, the cereal itself for preparing dietary first courses. All this and other new developments of domestic food technologists will be consumed with great pleasure by residents of different countries of the world.

Needless to say, amaranth can become a full-fledged substitute for meat and fish. Because, in addition to protein, there are very important substances for the body: microelements, vitamins, amino acids. Vegans are constantly looking for animal-free recipes for more than just taste. The hunt for protein (emphasis on the 2nd syllable) and nutritional value is opening up a new culture of plant-based food consumption in the 21st century. The vegetarian menu is not limited to salads and soy tofu. This is a very varied cuisine in which amaranth has found its respected place. People who are concerned about eating only plant-based foods seriously think about their health as much as about preserving the “home fauna”. And this trend in nutrition will definitely spread more and more! After all, who does not want to eat tasty, and at the same time feel better and live longer.

Organic farming is capable of making Ukraine a leader in the world’s agro-economies.
So, back to the question of how to get rich Ukrainians, having what we have? Here is a short summary of the actions that, in my opinion, will lead us to economic development. We are also tightening up our other areas – employment of the population with profitable work, improvement of health, popularization of products for longevity, the national reputation of Ukraine. You can add your suggestions to the above list:

  • Study the experience of successful countries that are flagships in the ranking of income per citizen, and not just in terms of total GDP.
  • Start from the land potential that we inherited from our ancestors and learn how to multiply income on it in such a way that soil fertility improves.
  • Look for new types of cheap, and most importantly, our own energy supply. Gradually refuse to buy fuel “on the side”, which removes the lion’s share from the treasury of Ukraine.
  • Encourage intellectual potential on a national scale to address issues of increasing income for all residents of Ukraine.
  • To develop the tourism sector at a higher level with the understanding that we inherited the most legendary country with the most interesting history (which, in principle, it is).
  • Pay attention to those activities that are gold veins for the production of goods in demand on the world market. First of all, the cultivation and processing of organic crops. Start with the most relevant on the international market.
  • The most expensive organic crops – prioritize and promote more comfortable work for farmers and enterprises that produce and sell products based on them.
  • Following the example of amaranth, actively promote other organic plants with high nutritional value and profitability.

The world focuses on rating currencies or real estate as a stable investment. And Ukrainians should make their financial models of abundance – scientific experience in growing viscous-profitable organic products and varieties of the most productive crops. And here amaranth takes an honorable precedence among other cereals, vegetables and fruits. Amaranth golden seeds of healing power give us a great chance to get ahead from the one hundred and eleventh position of the economic rating (income per capita 2020) and one hundred steps higher. Dear friends, let’s get down to business together and plan a worthy place for Ukraine – at least in the top twenty among the richest countries of the world! And God and Nature will help us!

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