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The promising words “food festival” in the title of a major event are not in the headline by accident. Its main “acting characters” will be products and raw materials for them. A significant role is also played by the equipment on which they are produced, and technologies, the introduction of which makes it possible to obtain high-quality, environmentally friendly products for everyone who cares about the health of their own and loved ones. The festival will take place on September 23-26 at the International Exhibition Center (Kiev).

Food Festival “Smak of Ukraine” as a reflection of new requests

According to the Ministry of Social Policy, Ukrainians now spend half of their money on food. At the same time, as evidenced by the results of surveys, people are increasingly giving preference to environmentally friendly products and healthy eating. This trend will also be reflected in the expositions of the festival. Immediately, we note that there will be presented both amaranth products and equipment that will interest amaranth producers, as well as everyone who is engaged in the processing of this plant.

In general, the exhibits are very different, and at the same time, they can be distinguished thematically:

  • organic products;
  • essential ingredients for the nutrition of people with special needs (diabetes mellitus, gluten allergy, lactose immunity);
  • assistance in organizing balanced, rational, dietary food;
  • vegetarianism as a lifestyle.

Enterprises will be able to present products of processing plant raw materials and raw materials themselves, as well as bakery and confectionery products, meat and dairy products. More than 80 such enterprises are expected. Cooperation with them can interest representatives of various business areas: export, purchasing and retail trade, hotel and restaurant business. You can get to know better the products, their taste qualities during the tasting, and the samples you like can be purchased during the shopping process.

Already today there is a significant interest in the festival from business, and many of those who decided to attend the event have already decided on their plans for it. Thus, 89% of business representatives at the festival hope to find new suppliers, and 41% plan to make bulk purchases there. 80% of potential business visitors intend to get to know the market better and get acquainted with its new products. Almost at the same level, interest in market novelties is expected from ordinary visitors. Interestingly, among this category, the majority (92%) plan to purchase goods.

It should be noted that one of the organizers of the festival was the public organization “Producers of amaranth and amaranth products”, the main goal of which is to promote the development of the agricultural sector of Ukraine in general and in the field of growing and processing amaranth. Therefore, it is natural that here will be presented goods of enterprises using seeds, meal, flour, oil, leaves and inflorescences, green mass of amaranth for the manufacture of their products.

Some enterprises and their products

As it is already known, more than 80 participants are planning to show themselves and see others at the festival. Now about some of them.

The production of unique products is characterized by the enterprise headed by Andrey Fedyakin. Freeze-dried products (berries, vegetables, fruits), known on the market under the TM Cryovit, are produced here. The technology operating at the enterprise ensures the production of products that retain all their useful properties, taste and aroma qualities. The shelf life increases significantly, but preservatives and chemical stabilizers are not used for this. The same technology is used by NASA to prepare meals for astronauts. In addition, the enterprise produces no less unique products. These are ice cream, borsch, omelet, apples and bananas, as well as mashed potatoes, mashed soups with peas, lentils, mushrooms.

Agrofirm “Pole”, headed by Ivan Tomenko, received an organic certificate back in 2010 and is export-oriented (the design of the company’s website testifies to its focus), supplies its products to 23 countries in Europe, Asia and North America. More than 12,000 tons of organic products and 8,000 tons of traditional products are sent to foreign consumers annually. Shipment is made from the company’s warehouses in Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic. But the agricultural company also cares about colleagues: during the sowing campaign of this year, the farmers were provided with seed and working capital for UAH 30 million. Today it is recognized as the leading organic company. Its main specialization is millet and millet: about 8,000 tons of millet alone are processed here annually. The range of products of this company also includes wheat groats of high vitreousness (arnautka or durum), split peas, corn groats (for making cereals and making corn sticks, dry breakfasts), pasta from durum wheat, commercial amaranth seeds and amaranth flour.

It is also interesting to get acquainted with the products of Sokolvo Food Forest – a small ecologically clean farm. These are vegetables, fruits, berries and herbs grown using natural farming technology. Sokolvo Food Forest has long abandoned absolutely all pesticides, growth stimulants and fertilizers, except for natural ones. The farm itself is designed according to the principle of a full cycle, and this allows you to control the quality of products at all stages. All products are certified by Organic Standard.

Among the declared participants of the festival, you can also see the ASK “UkrBioLand” – a family cooperative for serving organic agriculture. Its land bank is more than 5,600 hectares, and the company itself is in the TOP-5 producers of organic products in Ukraine by the size of farms. The ecosystem of a modern bio-farm was developed here at one time, which includes: high-quality seeds, modern agricultural equipment, certified transshipment capacities and sustainable logistics.

Other large and small companies are also expected to participate. This, in particular, is LLC “Dvipa” (growing grain and industrial crops, auxiliary activities in crop production, processing seeds for reproduction). The company “Healthy Generation”, known as one of the leading manufacturers of amaranth products in Ukraine, will also be presented. The range of its products includes pasta (20% amaranth flour), amaranth groats, amaranth oil, breakfast cereals and candies based on exploded amaranth (popamaranth), as well as gluten-free buckwheat and vegetable pasta, chia seed oil.

Among the participants will also be representatives of online stores (for example, VitaNatura) interested in establishing / expanding contacts with reliable manufacturers of organic, environmentally friendly products. Let’s not forget that now in many countries, including Ukraine, there is an increased demand for products that would be suitable not only for people with health problems, but also for babies, nursing mothers, pregnant women, as well as everyone who seeks to prevent the occurrence of any disease.

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