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Buongiorno signora! Where would you not live. Do you feel truly Italian in your soul? You love the sea of ​​the sun, sweet fruits, intoxicating wine, cheeses: mozzarella il mascarpone, juicy tomatoes and naturally pasta … Mmm! More! Life without pasta can not imagine? And at the same time strive, so that the waist remains commensurately the thinnest girl’s waist, or almost … the same thin. Moreover, the forms have retained their magnificent appeal, and the consciousness has always been vigorous and energetic – feeling healthy.

Congratulations, because you got to the right address. We will be friends and lose weight together. We will reveal to you the secret of the usual, everyday, Italian diet, which you can sit on, albeit forever. It gradually normalizes weight perfectly. It will allow you to enjoy life, eat tasty and varied, without hysterically suffering from bouts of hunger.

Whole key in italian pasta – macaroni
Yes, instinctively you felt right. This opinion is in turn confirmed by many nutritionists. Because traditional Italian pasta is made from durum wheat (less often other cereals) coarse ground. Due to the high concentration in such macaroni: complex complex carbohydrates, fiber content, vitamin B1 (thiamine), sometimes additionally bran – a feeling of satiety in the stomach is easily achieved, glucose is given to the blood more slowly, which also decreases the level of “hated” cholesterol. And his, even a slight decrease, helps to avoid cardiovascular diseases. Plus, the fiber component prevents hemorrhoids, colorectal cancer – improves gastric motility, sorry for the details – it helps to defecate more properly, absorbs toxins, cleansing the body in the most wonderful way from toxins. Amino acid fiber tryptophan, has a beneficial effect in the treatment of insomnia and some forms of depression. The mechanism is as follows: when it enters the brain, the substance is transformed into serotonin, which inflames the mood, regulates the appetite, and, in addition, has a positive effect on youth, as a result, longevity.

Concentrate on pasta as a stand alone dish.
However, the curative effect of tryptophan can be negated, if abused protein foods. Therefore, it is desirable to use pasta without fat, according to the customs, in any case, with fried meatballs, chops, meat, sausages, mayonnaise, fatty sauces. A good option with a variety of light additives: vegetables, stewed, boiled, light meat, fish. In the Italian macaroni diet it is also important that the macaroni is barely cooked – to cook “al dente” on the tooth type. The fact is that in digested pasta, as in domestic soft pasta, from flour of the highest grade, simple starch is instantly absorbed, and vice versa is deposited in the body in the form of fat reserves, which means it leads to weight gain.

A knight’s move – a healing amaranth is able to triple the effect!
In the previous part of our article, we have reviewed with you all the positive characteristics of your beloved pasta. And what if you use an identical product, but at times more useful? Such a product already exists – and this is not food for astronauts, it is “Health” pasta from whole-ground grains of durum wheat, with herbal additives from amaranth seeds. UN amaranth seeds are recognized as one of the most useful products on earth. The main active ingredient of amaranth is – squalene. Squalene captures oxygen and saturates the body. In the network you can freely get acquainted with the results of research that this element is recognized as an immunomodulator. Amaranth contains a complete set of amino acids, which means it is a source of protein, compare the animal. And also contains high rates: Iron – 29% of the daily value in one portion of 250 grams; Magnesium – 40%; Copper – 18%; Manganese – 105%; Phosphorus – 36%; Calcium – 12%; insoluble fiber – 21%; Vitamins B6 – 12%; Folic acid – 28%; Zinc -14%; Omega-3 polyunsaturated acids – 6%. This combination makes amaranth an ideal product for weight loss. Amaranth is able to protect the nervous and hormonal systems from the negative effects of a low-calorie diet.

For clarity, see the chart of the American Association of fitness trainers, which displays the assimilation of amaranth portions of time and stress. It should be noted that the lack of useful substances is closely associated with increased unhealthy appetite, loss of lean muscle mass in modern man.

Do not run, do not rush, do not fuss – eat right
In fact, the Italians do not neglect their favorite food, they often eat 4-5 times a day, but the volumes of portions, food consumed, are tiny. Therefore, we recommend you a serving of a maximum of 250 grams per set. There is a universal manner, chewing food thoroughly and the habit-law – do not overeat! To extract the maximum from amaranth, it is necessary to chew it thoroughly. Here, one more confirmation, macaroni with amaranth – the perfect combination in a pair.

Finally, a pair-deuce, the simplest in the implementation of recipes
For example, one recipe that you can remember for armament is Pesto sauce: 100 g fresh or dried amaranth leaves, 100 g olive, any other vegetable oil, 1 pp. grated nuts and 3-4 sl. grated parmesan, if desired, a clove of garlic, all at once crushed with a blender to a state of homogeneous mass. Next, you need to salt and pepper the mixture to taste and mix it with freshly boiled pasta. Done!

The second recipe: 100 g of boiled macaroni, mixed with boiled meat in a small amount, with 1 shredded tomato, with 1 tbsp. l corn, beans or peas, with a raw egg, with grated hard cheese of minimum fat content. Season to taste. For the result, send in the oven to bake. Enjoy your meal! Stroynyashka!


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