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A statement about the unpretentiousness of amaranth does not mean a lack of concern for its seedlings. It is needed if we want to get strong plants that will give a good harvest. It is also important that the grown crop is profitably realized, that is, it meets modern requirements. One of the conditions of this requirement is the use of biological plant protection products.

Grow amaranth without pesticides
You can confidently offer cultivated amaranth crops to processors if you know that they are grown without any harmful impurities. That is, pre-sowing treatment, crop care should be carried out without the use of herbicides and other chemical plant protection products from diseases and pests. We are talking about the use of biological products, and they really will help to get environmentally friendly agricultural products, as well as to save the environment.

It has been proven in practice that the use of biological products for plant protection has several advantages over chemical plant protection products. In particular, these are:

  • high biological activity to susceptible species of pests;
  • death of pests in subsequent phases of development and during the development of the next generations;
  • selectivity of action;
  • safety for pollinating insects;
  • safety for warm-blooded animals and humans;
  • lack of phytotoxicity and effects on taste;
  • the possibility of application in different phases of plant vegetation;
  • lack of risk of accumulation of toxic substances in the environment.

It should be noted that biological products, as a rule, act more slowly compared to chemical ones. But after their use, insects quickly stop feeding, the intensity of plant damage is significantly reduced.

Safe drugs
The most trusted are plant protection products tested over several years. This category also includes funds issued by the Ukrainian company BioCenter. Their reliability and safety have been tested in practice by many plant growers, farmers and large business enterprises interested in producing healthy products. It is also important that the specialists of the Center advise farmers and plant growers, are involved in the maintenance of the use of drugs.

Best of all, if amaranth care begins even before sowing seeds in the soil, and here MAX 600 SS * comes first. This is a water-soluble powder, which contains more than 50% organic matter, 16% potassium, from 1.5% amino acids. This drug increases productivity, increases the resistance of plants to diseases, stimulates the development of the root system, cell division, metabolism, and gives an anti-stress effect. Its use also contributes to improving soil fertility.

For nutrition and growth stimulation, BioCentre experts advise using AgriflexAmino. The drug is a complex of 18 types of free amino acids (43%) obtained from plant materials, and 17% of organic nitrogen. Such a composition when introducing the drug into the soil not only prevents the deficiency of trace elements, but also is an additional source of essential amino acids. It leads to an improvement in metabolic processes, achievement of the water balance of the plant, and increases resistance to adverse environmental factors.

BREXIL MIX is designed for foliar application, and is perfect for plants that are sown on loose, organic or acidic soils. This is a unique complex of trace elements in chelated form, that is, close to natural substances, provides a gentle and effective trace element nutrition of plants. The drug is actively absorbed by plants, in the soil it passes into readily soluble compounds, is environmentally friendly and safe.

Amaranth will endure frosts, extreme temperatures, hail, drought with the least losses, if it is previously treated with such anti-stress agricultural agent as MEGAFOL. This is a biostimulator of growth, which includes plant amino acids (28.0%), and its use increases productivity and product quality, stabilizes the desired performance in adverse conditions.

Plant disease can be prevented using the biological preparation TRIKHODERMIN produced by BioCenter. It prevents the development and reproduction of phytopathogens spreading through plant debris and soil, and is intended to combat a complex of fungal and bacterial diseases of plants. This drug is recommended for seedling use.

Care should also be taken to prevent damage by pests. Among common pests, different types of fleas and weevils predominate. They constitute the biggest threat to the emergence of amaranth, because they can not only harm, but completely destroy the crops. Against this group of pests, it is recommended to spray with a complex of drugs. These are AKTOFIT and BITOXIBACYLIN, and with organic growing technology – BITOXIBACYLIN M. With a large number of pests, re-treatment is carried out (5-7 days after the first).

Against different types of aphids, a solution of such a universal preparation as GAUPSIN M, which has a fungicidal effect, is sprayed. It has antibacterial, antiviral properties, acts on almost all types of pests, and can be used for a variety of plant diseases. At the same time, the drug is safe for the environment, does not inhibit the vital activity of plants, does not accumulate in the soil, and ensures safe and clean products.

It is also recommended to take care of neutralizing pests that have remained in the soil from previous years. In this case, LEPIDOCIDE M. is suitable. It protects against a wide range of pests, and at the same time it is not addictive in plants. The preparation contains a protein toxin, which within four hours leads to complete paralysis of the gastrointestinal tract of the pest, and during the day to its complete bacterial intoxication. It is safe for the environment, does not harm people, animals and all insects, except Lepidoptera (butterflies).

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