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Amaranth – a plant that contains many chemicals that make up the human body and that should go there with food day by day. Due to the presence of this “building material” amaranth is considered so useful.
First of all, these are the substances that form the majority of organic tissues – muscle, vascular, bone, cartilage and others. The amaranth components restore damaged areas both after physical injuries and after the intervention of foreign irritants – viruses, bacteria, etc. Thanks to these substances, the skin regenerates after burns; they “complete” the damaged tissue cells in places of inflammation. Such a variety of organic building materials include: protein contained in amaranth grains, as well as minerals – calcium, phosphorus, potassium, and others. All of them not only form a new fabric, but also strengthen the existing one, as if “embedding” it in it.

Important! Strengthening tissue occurs only when to form and restore, roughly speaking, nothing. That is why, with a lack of substances in the diet, those who do enter the body, go to the restoration and the formation of new tissue, and to strengthen the existing material is no longer there. From here – weak vessels, brittle bones, fragile skin, etc.

The second group of nutrients in amaranth – nutrients, that is, those that saturate the tissue. These are unsaturated fats and squalene. Squalene itself is not an essential nutrient, but it carries useful components throughout the body, and it does so very actively: few “peddlers” can compare with it in speed and ability to break through fatty layers. Unsaturated fats, as it were, “glue” all the other elements that make up the fabric, which are responsible for its flexibility, elasticity, ability to withstand irritating factors from a mechanical point of view.

And from an immunological point of view, irritating factors are opposed by vitamins, or rather, what they turn into when they enter the body. Vitamins, in particular, form antibodies to viruses and bacteria; substances produced from vitamins accelerate the very “building” processes in which the protein is involved, as a result of which the tissues are renewed faster, the wounds heal faster, etc.

If the source of protein is amaranth grain, then the source of squalene and unsaturated fats is amaranth oil. Vitamins are found in amaranth everywhere, although their greatest concentration is in the leaves and flowers.

Amaranth and Pharmaceuticals
All the above properties of amaranth have been used since ancient times – when no one had any idea about how a substance acts and what it does in the human body. Amaranth Now amaranth consciously treats the cardiovascular system, nervous disorders, disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, skin diseases and much more.

Against this background, it is natural that pharmacology paid attention to amaranth and that with it and on its basis they began to produce medicines. We set out to make a selection of pharmaceutical drugs with amaranth, which patients can count on today.

Amaranth Suppositories
Vitol (manufacturer – Green Visa, Ukraine) – rectal-vaginal suppositories with oil extract of amaranth and calendula seeds.

Note! Under the oil extract in this case, the manufacturer implies undiluted amaranth oil, obtained by direct extraction (not pressing).

Candles “Vitol” are used as a universal reducing agent and significantly accelerate the process of tissue regeneration. Calendula has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects; amaranth participates directly in the process of formation of new tissues, is an antiseptic and is also used as an anti-inflammatory agent. As a consequence, candles produce on the mucous membranes of the anal passage and / or vagina a general restorative effect, which consists in:

  • relief of inflammatory processes;
  • the accelerated formation of new tissues with fungal infections;
  • accelerated tissue regeneration during mechanical damage, including after operations;
  • strengthening the tissues of the mucous membranes;
  • the formation of local immunity;
  • restoring the balance of local microflora;
  • counteraction to foreign microflora.

The use of candles “Vitol” is shown for the following violations:

Fungal diseases caused by both external stimuli and imbalance of the local microflora in the vagina or rectum.
Infectious diseases of the female genital organs.
Cervical erosion.
Diverticulitis of the rectum.
Anal fissures, ulcers.

Also, Vitol is often prescribed for urethritis, turning into cystitis, especially in women. This is due to the fact that inflammation of the urethra in women is often the result of inflammatory processes in the vagina. To normalize the state of the genital organs and prescribed drugs local action, not containing artificially synthesized funds.

“Amare” (manufacturer “Materia Bio Profi Center”) – rectal-vaginal suppositories based on amaranth oil with the addition of cocoa butter.

Applied mainly as a prophylactic against female gynecological diseases, and also – as the main means – for the treatment of mild inflammatory processes and the healing of minor injuries. It is recommended for women prone to vaginitis of different origin and urethritis, as well as for chronic varieties of these diseases.

As an aid, Amare candles are used in the complex treatment of acute diseases of the genitourinary system, where they have the following effect:

  • stop cutting pain, itching in the genital area and the urethra;
  • eliminate inflammation;
  • restore damaged mucous membranes and nourish them, strengthening local immunity;
  • accelerate blood circulation, which contributes to a more rapid healing of all damaged tissues;
  • normalize the balance of microflora.

In addition, the drug is prescribed to people who live or for a long time are sent to places where there is a statistically increased risk of developing cancer, because these candles are a prophylactic against cancer diseases of the genitourinary system.

“Preventive phytocylinders with lipophilic complex of amaranth” (manufacturer – “Annushka”, Ukraine) – rectal-vaginal suppositories based on cocoa butter with the addition of the therapeutic complex of amaranth (8%) and the therapeutic complex of grape seed (4%).

Used as a preventive or adjuvant in the treatment of acute infectious diseases agent. Relieve pain, itching, relieve inflammation, heal cracks and mechanical damage in the vagina, rectum. Provide antipyretic effect, provided that the temperature was caused by inflammatory processes in the genital area.

Recommended as a counter to vaginitis, diverticulitis, hemorrhoids, cervical diseases, as well as dryness and fissures in the anus and genital organs.

Amaranth Ointment
“Soustarad” (manufacturer – “Sashera-Med”, Russia) – an ointment that is used for diseases of the joints and prevents them.

It relieves pain in the joints, has a preventive effect by improving blood circulation and normalizing the metabolism in the joints. Contains a complex of 26 vegetable components, among which is amaranth oil. Separately, vitamins C and PP are introduced into the complex, significantly accelerating the overall regeneration process and rejuvenating due to this tissue. The therapeutic effect of the ointment is extensive and consists of the following:

  • metabolism processes in the joint are normalized;
  • the production of synovial fluid is normalized – a natural “moisturizer” of cartilage tissue, which, among other things, nourishes the joint with nutrients;
  • softens friction between joints;
  • blood circulation is improved in all vessels in the area of ​​the joint, including capillaries;
  • damaged (inflamed, brittle) tissues are restored.

In addition, the mummy contained in the ointment has a beneficial effect on the skin and prevents fungal, allergic diseases.

Ointment is prescribed mainly for beginning arthritis, arthrosis, as well as for increased bone fragility (in combination with calcium and other minerals), for physical damage to the joints and periarticular muscles, for low motor activity and chronic fatigue, which is caused by problems of the musculoskeletal system. In combination with other drugs, Sustarad also helps with osteochondrosis.

“Removit” (manufacturer – “Mirra”, Russia) – a balm against diseases of the joints, muscles, ligaments and tendons.

Includes several active ingredients of natural origin, among which is amaranth oil. The effect is achieved due to the interaction of amaranth with chemical balzam-removit-mirra-prophylactic-ban-20170214065319-elements, which are contained in other vegetable components. Removit can be used:

As the main drug – for the treatment of single sprains, minor inflammation, as well as for recovery after an overload of muscles and joints.
In combination with other drugs – in the treatment of chronic diseases of the joints, with ligament ruptures and myositis.
Arthritis, arthrosis, osteochondrosis and gout are also indications, but in the case of these diseases, the ointment should be used as part of a comprehensive treatment. Renders the following action:

  • stimulates muscle and bone renewal;
  • performs the role of an antiseptic;
  • relieves spasms, rheumatic and arthritic pains;
  • accelerates blood circulation;
  • regulates salt metabolism;
  • improves the mobility of joints;
  • slows the leaching of calcium from bone tissue;
  • suspends the process of destruction of bone tissue.

Attention! “Removit” refers to the class of MLS (local irritants), since it produces a warming effect. When used in unspecified rates, it can cause skin irritation, excessive burning, and in rare cases an allergic reaction.

Novaya Zhizn (the manufacturer is Leader Group CS Novaya Zhizn, Ukraine) is an ointment for the joints, similar in effect to Sustarad, but has a more extensive scope.

Consists of a large number of plant components, supplemented with biologically active substances. Amaranth oil – one of the links, accelerates the absorption of therapeutic components (mainly extracts of various medicinal plants), but also has a therapeutic effect as an anti-inflammatory agent. This ointment is applied in the following cases:

With injuries of joints, ligaments, tendons during sports or physical labor.
In case of excessive physical exertion (in this case it is recommended to rub the ointment into the area that will be subjected to the load in advance).
For improvement of blood circulation and the general warming up before sports, dancing competitions.
When recovering from fractures, torn ligaments.
When recovering from operations on ligaments, tendons, etc.
With night cramps.
With muscle inflammation caused by nutritional deficiencies.
When overworked.
With various pains in the joints, to alleviate the condition of patients with arthritis, arthrosis, radiculitis, gout and so on.
For the treatment of bruises.
Attention! Due to the presence of menthol, the ointment produces a cooling effect. May cause mild irritation to sensitive skin.

“Spornet” (manufacturer – “Green Street”, Russia) – another ointment for the restoration of bone, cartilage and muscle tissue with amaranth.

The drug consists of a set of ingredients selected for the treatment of heel spurs, and is based on four varieties of oils – red palm oil, amaranth oil, tea tree oil and cocoa butter. Amaranth oil and tea tree oil have anti-inflammatory effect and restore blood circulation, as well as relieve swelling; red palm and cocoa butter nourish the tissues with nutrients. The remaining components enhance the action of the oils, and in combination the ointment has the following effect:

  • relieves inflammation and, as a result, reduces swelling and pain;
  • resolves the deposition of calcium salts, due to which the heel spur occurs;
  • expands local blood vessels and improves blood circulation in them, resulting in mazi-o salts
  • are displayed by more than 80% and the risk of re-growth is minimized;
  • strengthens blood vessels;
  • eliminates joint inflammation.

Thus, the indications for applying the ointment are as follows:

Osteophyte (heel spurs).
Any inflammatory processes in the joints, including those located far from the skin surface. Rheumatism.
Inflammatory processes in the ligaments, muscles (non-microbial).
Also, “Spornet” can be used as a prophylactic if there is a high risk of salt deposits in the joints (not necessarily in the heel area).

“Live ointment” (manufacturer – “Biofit”, Russia) – a local drug with amaranth.

It affects both the vascular system and the musculoskeletal system. The operating complex consists of natural substances, among which – mainly oils (including amaranth). The therapeutic effect of the ointment is:

  • 3008 microscopic blood improvements, including in small vessels;
  • strengthening the walls of blood vessels, including small ones, including capillaries in the joints;
  • acceleration of venous outflow;
  • restoration of tissues damaged by prolonged or excessive exercise;
  • accelerating the growth of cells of all layers of the skin;
  • strengthening local immunity;
  • anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic effects.

The indications for the use of “Live Ointment” are quite extensive, but it should be noted that it is best used either in the last stage of recovery after complex injuries and long-term illnesses, or with minor injuries, or as a prophylactic agent. A good effect is noticeable with such violations:

Damage to the muscles due to excessive physical exertion, krepatura.
Cracks on the skin of any kind – from cracks on the heels to hemorrhoidal.
Any subcutaneous nodular neoplasms.
Corns, scuffs, including pivotal.
Swelling, redness, itching, triggered by a local allergic reaction.
Dry skin and mucous membranes, including in the genital area.

As an additional agent, the drug is effective in the treatment of varicose veins, thrombophlebitis, prostatitis, hemorrhoids, myositis, sciatica, arthritis, arthrosis, as well as psoriasis, eczema and other dermatitis. It is an effective prophylactic against listed diseases.

Interesting! For therapeutic purposes, originally amaranth was used in ointments. In antiquity, ointment preparations were the most common, as they were the easiest to manufacture, and they mostly added amaranth powder from the leaves: it was difficult to obtain high-quality butter from amaranth seeds at home at that time. Although in Spain, several centuries ago, they made medicinal creams for women, to which crushed amaranth grain was added.

In the modern world, amaranth has become universally known thanks to amaranth oil, and it is natural that drug manufacturers paid attention primarily to it. And since it is easiest to make an ointment on the basis of oil, amaranth started its pharmacological “way” with ointments.

Amaranth against vitiligo
Vitiligo is not a disease, but causes a lot of trouble, as it affects the appearance. At the same time, an absolutely effective medicine against vitiligo has not yet been found. There are several cases where people suffering from vitiligo, took capsules with squalene to treat other diseases, after which the white spots on the skin disappeared. Pharmacology has become interested in this phenomenon, and in recent years, pharmaceutical companies have been conducting experiments on the manufacture of amaranth-based vitiligo medicines.

Leadership in this area belongs to the Czech Republic, which first released tablets, and then, when the effectiveness of the drug was confirmed in practice and it began to be used in other countries, supplemented the tablets with gel.

“Vitilemna” (manufacturer – “Bitcoin”, Czech Republic) is currently available in the form of tablets and in the form of a gel. The drug is intended for the treatment of skin diseases that are caused by problems with the production of melanin. The gel and tablets have the same composition, in which the main active ingredients are duckweed extract and amaranth oil. The drug has the following effect:

  • due to increased subcutaneous blood circulation, it provokes the work of the cells responsible for photo-production of melanin;
  • normalizes the metabolic processes in those areas where they are slowed down, as a result of which the skin color evens out;
  • strengthens the dermis and epidermis, making the skin more resistant to external stimuli.

Indications for the use of one of the drugs or both are the following violations:

Weak, thin, fragile, unstable to the sun and other irritants skin.
Dark spots on the skin that do not have clear boundaries (talking about impaired metabolism).
It is also recommended to use the gel as a regenerating agent after skin lesions, for example, after curing fungal diseases, when the skin is at the last stage of renewal (thin, too light or, on the contrary, has a permanent pinkish tint), as well as after burns and similar injuries.

Amaranth tablets and capsules
“Oxy-biol” (manufacturer – the company “Biolika”, Ukraine) – tablets based on amaranth seeds with the addition of succinic and nicotinic acids.

The drug is used in diseases of the cardiovascular system, as well as a prophylactic against them. Amaranth is the main active agent; Rhodiola and Arnica enhance, support and in some cases prolong its effect; succinic acid acts as an antioxidant; nicotinic acid – the main vasodilator. The drug affects all groups of vessels, including the central nervous system, and has the following effect:

  • poksi-biol-90-shtityet and oxygenates various tissues of the body, including the brain;
  • improves blood circulation;
  • promotes regeneration;
  • strengthens and tones blood vessels;
  • improves the digestibility of food.

Thus, “Oxy-biol” is shown:

With various types of hypoxia.
With a decrease in brain activity – rapid loss of attention, inability to concentrate, memory deterioration, as well as poor memory and slow thinking in general.
When overwork, intoxication, in the recovery period after surgery and long illness.
With chronic fatigue, apathy, anemia, etc.
With vegetative-vascular dystonia.

Due to the absence of artificially synthesized components, the drug has no side effects, if we exclude the individual intolerance of certain substances (it can manifest itself in the form of allergic reactions or minor gastrointestinal disorders). It is important to take it according to the instructions – before meals, – to increase the degree of absorbability of useful components in the blood. Also, taking pills before meals is important when the goal is to improve the digestibility of food. In the latter case, it is strongly recommended not to use too salty, spicy, fried foods, semi-finished foods, as well as a lot of confectionery products, which cause a sharp jump in blood sugar.

“Holedol” (manufacturer – Holedol Ltd., Russia) – a drug that lowers the level of low-density lipoprotein, in everyday life – cholesterol.

Interesting! Lipoproteins obtained with different foods have different densities. High-density proteins are fats that a person receives with vegetable oil (including amaranth oil), fish, nuts, and other healthy products, that is, unsaturated fats. These products are therefore, in particular, useful and are considered to contain such fats. Low density lipoproteins are represented by saturated fats and are contained in margarine, spread, pork, beef, processed meat products (pies, sausages), etc.

Cholesterol, in fact, can be unsaturated – useful – fats. But they are not harmful; it is the saturated body that destroys the body, which is deposited on the walls of blood vessels and form occluding plaques. Unsaturated, on the contrary, strengthen the walls of blood vessels and, most curiously, the plaques dissolve and are removed from the body through the liver. That is, there is a kind of “struggle” between the two types of fat. Therefore, drugs that “fight against cholesterol,” almost always contain unsaturated fats and components that activate, enhance their action.

Amaranth itself is an “anti-cholesterol” agent. He became the basis of “Choledol” – in the form of an oil extract from seed varieties containing the largest percentage of squalene. High-density lipoproteins in the preparation strengthen the walls of blood vessels and dissolve accumulations of low-density lipoproteins, and squalene helps the liver to cope with them, activating blood circulation and saturating it with oxygen.

“Holedol” is indicated for such violations as:

Increased blood viscosity.
Poor blood circulation and the risk of blood clots.
Excessive production of cholesterol.
Low vascular tone, vegetative-vascular dystonia.
The drug is also prescribed for pain in the liver, if they are caused by “contamination” with toxins, in some cases with hypertension and various types of arrhythmias. It is a prophylactic against diseases of the liver and certain heart diseases (myocarditis, coronary disease, partially prevents the risk of myocardial infarction).

However, it is worth noting that the use of this drug makes sense only along with a change in diet while reducing the proportion of saturated fat in it.

Calcium-Active (manufacturer – Diode, Russia) – calcium tablets, reinforced with additional components, including vitamin D3 and amaranth leaf powder.

Vitamin D3 normalizes the exchange of calcium and phosphorus, regulating the amount of minerals the body needs. The amaranth acts as a source-drive of easily digestible (due to 75505b88ea9e360c587f56225dfdb627 other plant components) calcium and thus improves the absorption of the entire calcium complex. The effect that Calcium-Active produces is to strengthen the bone tissue, suspend its destruction process (age or caused by adverse external factors), as well as to form new bone tissue in fractures. Accordingly, the indications for taking the drug are:

Metabolic disorders in bone tissue, violation of the process of “destruction-formation” of bone tissue, caused by metabolic disorders.
Fractures, cracks in the bones.
Excessive bone fragility, reduced bone density. Osteoporosis.
Brittleness of nails, teeth, hair.
Calcium preparations are also shown to children, since they often have a lack of this element due to the fact that when growing up, calcium is consumed by the body in much larger quantities than in a mature person. However, before the purchase and use of the drug must pass the appropriate tests, because the uncontrolled intake of calcium can cause metabolic disorders of calcium and other minerals.

“Amaranth-active Forte” (manufacturer – Vision, Russia) is a biologically active drug, the main active component of which is amaranth oil. Alpha-tocopherol acetate contributes to the breakdown and complete absorption of the tablet. Regular use of the drug contributes to:

  • the disappearance of cholesterol plaques on the walls of blood vessels and, as a consequence, the improvement of blood circulation;
  • strengthening the walls of blood vessels;
  • normalization of the endocrine system, including the normalization of hormonal synthesis and reducing the risk of diabetes;
  • improving immunity and improving the regenerating properties of the body.

The tool is shown:

In diseases of the nervous system, central nervous system, brain. Effectively with decreased memory, deterioration of mental activity, it is used to improve the condition of Alzheimer’s disease.
In diseases of the cardiovascular system caused by increased blood viscosity, low vascular tone. Used to prevent myocarditis and myocardial infarction.
In diseases of the endocrine system, including part of a comprehensive treatment of diabetes.
Please note that in order to improve the effect of Amaranth Active Forte, the patient’s diet is usually adjusted. If the adjusted regimen is not followed, the absorption of vitamin E can be significantly reduced, and squalene enters into confrontation with low-density lipoproteins, due to which its main therapeutic effect is leveled.

“Amarantol SQ” (manufacturer – AMR Amaranth A.S., Czech Republic) – a complex based on amaranth, aimed at restoring the mobility of the musculoskeletal system. It is used as a prophylactic against diseases of the joints. The effectiveness of the complex is as follows:

  • prevention of cartilage degeneration;
  • recovery of synovial fluid;
  • relief of age-related and micro-inflammation associated with overload in the area of ​​cartilage;
  • acceleration of blood circulation in small vessels in the area of ​​cartilage;
  • saturation of bone and cartilage tissue with nutrients;
  • relief of pain in the knees, shoulders, wrists, thighs, associated with a violation of the functioning of the joints.

The complex is recommended for middle-aged and older people. It is also suitable for young people who suffer from aching in the joints in bad weather, for people who are engaged in weightlifting, as well as for those whose profession is associated with high physical activity and weight transfer.

Preparations with squalene
Squalene is a tool that can improve the condition of the nervous, endocrine, cardiovascular, urinary systems, as well as the musculoskeletal system and skin. In some cases, capsules prescribed for eye diseases. The extensive effect of the substance is due to the fact that it is not a healing in itself – it improves the “supply” of oxygen and, as a result, the necessary substances to the suffering tissues. Details on the action of squalene can be found in the article “Components of amaranth. What good is squalene?

Squalene capsules are used as a prophylactic agent, and in the complex treatment of various diseases, and when recovering from serious injuries, long-term illnesses, operations. Pharmaceutical companies produce squalene and squalene, supplemented with other substances, worldwide. We list the most well-known drugs squalene.

“Squalene-GIT” (manufacturer – “Ecosvіt”, Ukraine) – squalene capsules with sea buckthorn oil, intended for the treatment of diseases and disorders in the gastrointestinal tract, squalene, however, used to restore the liver, and in other cases.

“Shark Squalene” (manufacturer – “Kiowa Corporation”, Japan) – pure squalene, contained in the capsule in the amount of 99.6%. The drug is extensive.

“DHC Hyaluronic Acid + Squalene” (manufacturer – DHC, Japan) – capsules containing hyaluronic acid and squalene in almost equal proportions. They are intended primarily for treating a large range of diseases of the musculoskeletal system, since hyaluronic acid is aimed at restoring bone and cartilage tissue.

Squalene (manufacturer – ORIHIRO Co., Ltd., Japan) – 99 percent squalene in capsules, a drug of extensive action.

“K-Max Squalene” (manufacturer – K-Max, USA) – capsules containing, according to the manufacturer, 99.9% squalene, which is rare even with the existing variety of squalene capsules.

“Greenvit” (manufacturer – “Green Visa”, Ukraine) – capsules containing katran liver oil. The percentage of squalene is unknown, but it can be assumed that its amount is insignificant, since in the liver fat of any deep-sea fish squalene does not exceed 5%. However, in the substance of a huge amount of vitamins and a number of minerals necessary for man.

“Shark Liver Oil” (manufacturer – Coral Club International, USA) – also capsules with shark liver oil, an extensive drug containing squalene, polyunsaturated fats and vitamins A, E, D and others.

“Squalene Soft Capsules” (manufacturer – Sananni, Japan) – squalene capsules without additives, a drug of extensive action.

“Bio Squalene” (manufacturer – Health Creat, Thailand) – also squalene capsules without additives, a drug of extensive action.

“Squalene 1000” (manufacturer – Mother Nature, USA) – squalene capsules without additives, “1000” means that the package contains 1000 mg of squalene.

“Squalene with Natural Tocopherol” (manufacturer – Evergreen, New Zealand) – capsules in which not pure squalene, but squalene from liver shark oil, is untreated, which is why it contains tocopherol – vitamin A.

Squalene Pure & Natural (manufacturer – Green Health, New Zealand) – similar to the previous squalene from shark liver oil.

“Squalene Premium Quality” (manufacturer – Dena, Australia) – pure squalene, 1000 mg per pack, positioned as a drug that supports immunity, but has an extensive effect on the body.

“Squalene Shark Liver Oil” (manufacturer – JoJo, Australia) – shark liver oil, purified and processed to increase the concentration of squalene per 1 g of the substance. As a result, per 1000 mg of fat contained in the package, accounted for 400 mg of squalene.

“Pure Squalene” (manufacturer – Palicon Pty Ltd., Australia) – pure squalene, as stated on the packaging.

“Squalene Dietary Supplement” (manufacturer – Mothernest, Australia) – squalene capsules, positioned as a means to treat disorders of the gastrointestinal tract and liver diseases.

“Squalene Shark Liver Oil” (manufacturer – MEDA, USA) – squalene in the composition of the fat from the liver of a shark, a drug of extensive action.

“Squalene-E” (manufacturer – Organika, Canada) – squalene capsules with a high concentration of vitamin E, a drug of extensive action.

These drugs are sold in most countries without a special prescription and are often not considered to be a complete drug. However, their purchase and uncontrolled use may lead not to a cure, but to a deterioration of the condition or the emergence of a new disease caused by hypervitaminosis. Therefore, before taking funds with amaranth or squalene, even when the instructions indicate the absence of side effects, it is advisable to consult with a doctor who specializes in the treatment of your disease.

Be healthy – with amaranth!

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