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For centuries, people in the fight against diseases and ailments turned to nature for help, using various herbs, trees, berries and roots in the treatment. It was in the natural components that people of past centuries found effective medicines.

Among those plants was amaranth, which, however, in the past few decades has been unfairly forgotten by our compatriots. And now it becomes popular again, which is not surprising. Amaranth

After all, amaranth contains a lot of various minerals, vitamins, trace elements and other useful components that make the plant almost miraculous and help in the prevention and treatment of many diseases of various systems and organs of the human body.

Useful components of amaranth
On the plant amaranth and the products derived from it, we described in detail in previous articles, describing all the components and substances present in the composition. Therefore, now only basic, brief information.

Note. The plant contains a huge amount of easily digestible protein. According to this indicator, it surpasses even soybeans, not to mention other plants. In addition, amaranth in content and quality of protein surpasses even milk!

Interestingly, the miraculous properties of amaranth, confirmed by modern scientists after long studies, were noticed by our ancestors many centuries ago.

In particular, as established by experts, amaranth and various products derived from it, can fight diseases:

  • digestive system;
  • central nervous system;
  • genitourinary system (in men and women);
  • cardiovascular system, etc.

However, it was already established by ancient physicians that the plant will help to get rid of male sexual impotence, diseases of the liver, kidneys, hemorrhoids and other ailments. Amaranth greens

Not to mention the simple tonic effect on the body – using products from amaranth, a person becomes much more active, funnier, more cheerful, his immunity increases. Therefore, in order to just feel great, get rid of chronic fatigue and ensure the prevention of many diseases, it is recommended to use:

  • products made from amaranth flour;
  • Amaranth oil;
  • amaranth seeds or products made from them.

The main component! The main, unique substance that makes up amaranth is squalene. It provides nutrition with oxygen to the brain and all cells of the body. In addition, it fights against tumors, provides stimulation of all organs and systems, helps with loss of strength, diabetes, obesity, neurosis and other diseases, negative manifestations. Squalene, in addition to amaranth, is only found in shark liver, and therefore you can imagine how powerful and powerful this substance is. In addition, squalene was quite expensive, but only until it was discovered in amaranth. Read more about squalene in the thematic article on our portal.

Features of treatment with amaranth
The effectiveness of amaranth in the treatment and prevention of amaranth flour for the elderly, a number of diseases has been proven by official medicine. It, in particular – amaranth oil, is increasingly used in therapy.

However, in our country, the use of amaranth is not too common and is not recognized by all doctors. Although this short-sighted approach of physicians does not forbid you to take products from amaranth on your own.

Note. In general, amaranth has no contraindications and negative manifestations. But if you decide to take it in parallel with the prescribed course of treatment with traditional medicines, do not be lazy to warn your doctor about this and consult with him.

We have selected for you effective and proven folk recipes that will help you to avoid certain diseases or recover from them.

Decoctions and infusions
For the general strengthening of the body, improving immunity, recuperation and improving mood, you can safely drink decoctions and infusions prepared from amaranth leaves.

Recipe first. For cooking will need:

  • two large spoons of dried amaranth leaves (shredded roots can also be used);
  • two glasses of hot water (preferably boiling, but not boiling);
  • mix, boil for about fifteen minutes;
  • wait until cool and strain;
  • drink half a glass about thirty minutes before meals.

The second recipe. Take dried amaranth and mix with cold water – one part of the plant and ten parts of water. Wait about twenty minutes, strain and drink half a glass thirty minutes before meals. Such a cold brew perfectly helps to fight with virtually any diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, it will also be useful for banal disorders.

The third recipe. For this infusion is necessary:

  • take twenty grams of fresh, green leaves;
  • chop with a knife;
  • pour grams of boiling water over the grapes;
  • put in a water bath for another half hour;
  • wait until cool and strain;
  • drink a third of a glass twice a day before eating.

The fourth recipe. Amaranth bath This is an excellent infusion for bathing – after such a bath you will feel a surge of strength, blood flow will improve, skin elasticity will increase and its appearance will improve.

So, for the preparation of this infusion is necessary:

  • take about three hundred grams of inflorescences and leaves;
  • grind;
  • mix with two liters of boiling water in a saucepan;
  • close the lid;
  • boil for another fifteen minutes;
  • wait until cool and then strain;
  • type in the bathroom water comfortable temperature for you and pour the broth;
  • take a bath for about half an hour, not more.

The fifth recipe. This is not a decoction, but a solution. For its preparation, you need to take fresh amaranth juice and dilute one part of the juice with five parts of water with boiled cool water. This solution is recommended to use for rinsing with diseases such as:

  • tonsillitis;
  • angina;
  • various oral inflammations.

Recipe Six. Another solution of fresh juice from amaranth leaves. Rinse the leaves, chop them and pass through the juicer. The resulting juice mixed with regular cream in the ratio of one to one. This solution is perfect for the treatment of gastritis, diabetes, liver problems. It is recommended to use it in a large spoon after the main meals (after breakfast, lunch and dinner).

The seventh recipe. This infusion helps with enuresis. To prepare the solution you need:

  • take amaranth panicles, on which seeds have already begun to appear;
  • grind them with a knife;
  • one large spoonful of the obtained “gruel” pour a glass of boiling water;
  • put in a water bath for about twenty minutes;
  • remove and insist before it cools down;
  • strain.

Eating the infusion should be on a small spoon, spreading it about a quarter cup of boiled water three times a day, about thirty minutes before a meal and another time half an hour before going to bed. A full course of treatment is two weeks.

Recipe eighth. This is a unique collection / infusion that will help cleanse the body, remove toxins and toxins from it, heal and rejuvenate the body. To prepare the infusion, you should mix dried herbs in equal parts:

  • amaranth;
  • daisy;
  • St. John’s wort;
  • Birch buds.

Two large spoons of the mixture are poured with half a liter of boiling water and infused for about two and a half hours, filtered. A spoon of honey is added to a glass of the finished solution and drunk. In the morning, the solution is slightly warmed up and drunk again. For the full course you need 500 grams of a mixture of herbs. A course of rejuvenation is held every two years.

Amaranth oil recipes
Amaranth Amaranto oil has an excellent healing properties, which helps in the treatment of virtually all diseases, including extremely dangerous ones, such as:

  • oncology;
  • diabetes;
  • tuberculosis;
  • arthritis, osteochondrosis;
  • hypertension and concomitant.

Read more about the effectiveness of amaranth oil, useful substances included in its composition in the thematic article.

At the same time, amaranth oil should be taken not only inside, but also applied to the damaged, affected areas, used as a rubbing and so on. In principle, it is easier to list for what ailments amaranth oil will not have a beneficial effect. Although, such ailments, probably not.

For example, it is recommended to use it for any diseases of the female genitourinary system. And in general it will be useful for women during pregnancy and lactation.

Interestingly, amaranth oil will be effective in various disorders, sometimes not related to specific ailments, but poisoning human life. For example, this:

  • insomnia;
  • frequent, intense headaches, including migraines;
  • memory loss;
  • senile dementia, etc.

To perform a full-fledged, high-quality prevention of all diseases, improve immunity, and enhance the protective functions of the body, it is enough to take one small spoonful of amaranth oil daily in the morning and in the evening with food.

Note. Also, the oil can be simply added to the already ready for human consumption, that is, which will not be subjected to heat treatment.

As a preventive measure, the oil should be taken in spring and autumn for one month, that is, precisely at that period when the body is most relaxed and most strongly affected by negative external influences.

External use of amaranth oil
External use is recommended for a variety of amaranth from amaranth oil, skin lesions, the presence of certain dermatological ailments, etc. In such a situation, twice a day, the damaged areas of the skin should be lubricated with oil, wait ten minutes and remove residues of non-absorbed oil with a soft bandage. Such therapy will relieve pain and provide faster healing of the skin.

Amaranth oil in cosmetology
Cosmetic properties of amaranth oil, used externally, has long been known. In particular, it will help:

  • restore the skin;
  • rejuvenate the skin and make it more elastic;
  • saturate the skin with vitamins, increase blood flow;
  • give the skin more elasticity, tenderness;
  • win cellulite;
  • significantly increase the elasticity of the chest and buttocks.

Amaranth oil, a variety of products derived from this miraculous plant, has long been used in traditional medicine. With their help, they performed prophylaxis of ailments, they treated already appeared diseases.

In the article we gave the best folk recipes, in detail Amaranth Oil for good health, telling how amaranth should be taken – at the same time, not only domestic, but also foreign, taken and the experience of other nations.

If you want to purchase high-quality amaranth oil, flour and other products, you can do it on a special page of our store, where only natural and ecologically clean goods are presented.

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