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We continue to publish the features of the amaranth products market. In the previous article we talked about the main features of the world market for amaranth flour: “Amaranth flour: features of the world market”. Now talk about the features of amaranth oil and the prospects of this product.

Amaranth oil: what is it?
Natural amaranth oil is obtained by processing the seeds of this plant. There are several ways to obtain butter. Amaranth oil market

Amaranth oil is a clear liquid with a delicate aroma and taste. It has the ability to maintain temperature stability at high and low temperatures. Melting point: -27 degrees.

What does amaranth oil contain
The advantage of the obtained product is a high concentration of positive substances, including non-polar lipids, triglycerides.

Of particular note is the presence of a substance such as squalene, which has a mass of properties. In particular, it is worth highlighting:

  • anti-aging;
  • antioxidant;
  • anti-inflammatory properties.

In addition, the product contains omega-3, omega-6 and omega-9 fatty acids, which are an excellent source of protein and vitamins.

It is worth noting that the incredible chemical composition provides ease and efficiency in the absorption of oil into the skin of the body. Due to these characteristics, amaranth oil has gained importance in the production of cosmetics for individual care.

Amaranth oil is used in various industries:

  • food;
  • pharmaceutical;
  • hygienic and other.

But most of all amaranth oil is used in the production of food and personal care products.

Note! Amaranth oil can also be used as intermediate products for the production of lubricants, rubber chemicals, aromatics and surfactants.

Amaranth oil in the profile world market
In 2013, Europe owned the largest share in the global market for amaranth oil. The Old World is followed by North America and the Asia-Pacific region.

Experts note that in the coming years, Europe will retain its dominance. It is predicted that North Americans will “threaten” European dominance in the amaranth oil market. That may be due to increased domestic demand from the food industry. It is expected that in the near future in the Asia-Pacific region there will be better opportunities for the growth of amaranth oil market.

The content of beneficial ingredients in amaranth oil, such as squalene, fatty acids, amino acids, proteins and vitamins, and versatility, are the driving force promoting the product on the world market.

In addition, an increase in the consumption of natural products for a healthy lifestyle may in the future become a driver of the global expansion of the food market with amaranth oil.

However, high production costs, minimal government support, low recognition of this natural product among a wide range of consumers, low production volumes are an obstacle to the infusion of solid investments in the production of amaranth oil.

Summing up the results
Due to the higher cost of production and minimal state support, very few companies operate in the production of amaranth oil. Among the major companies operating in the global market for amaranth oils are the Amaranth Bio Company, AMR Amaranth, RusOliva and Proderna Biotech Pvt. Ltd.

Ukrainian companies still do not have a significant share, but in the future they may well find their niche. After all, amaranth production in the country is constantly growing. What may indicate the creation of such an organization as Asotsiaatsiya virobnik amaranth that amaranth products. The organization presents amaranth products produced in Ukraine at European exhibitions and various events dedicated to this plant.

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