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Amaranth-based medical preparations began to appear at the end of the last century. In the early 2000s, in some countries such as the United States and Australia, mass production of amaranth drugs against atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases, various dermatitis, diseases of the musculoskeletal system and the sexual sphere was launched. The growing popularity of the plant led to the spread of such funds in the CIS. Unfortunately, as often happens in such cases, the effectiveness of medicines and the demand for them led to the emergence of both less potent counterparts and banal counterfeits.

The difficulty with drugs, which are based on only herbal components, lies in the fact that government inspection structures pay less attention to them. Drugs produced by pharmaceutical companies are tested and registered almost on par with others. There are companies specializing exclusively in preparations from herbal ingredients. The requirements for them are often lower, and in practice in the realities of our society, this is often expressed in the absence of any serious checks in principle. Companies that have proven themselves in this area have their own system of testing manufactured products, consisting of several steps to evaluate each drug. However, there are many young or little-known companies that sell “natural products” that do not pass not only the final test before entering stores (and in some cases, pharmacies), but also the test of the drug itself.

Amaranth, unfortunately, directly falls into the sphere of interests of unscrupulous manufacturers. First, there are real confirmations of its effectiveness than manufacturers and hide behind when selling products. Secondly, amaranth in world culture has a pronounced positive mystical image, and the thinking patterns of the average consumer are such that he would rather choose a medicine to which component he has a positive emotional binding than a medicine whose components are unknown to him or are indifferent because that grow “right under your feet.”

In short, drugs with amaranth are not so effective, and something must be done about it. So far, the only way to counter it is to be vigilant when buying them.

How not to fool yourself?
As already mentioned, there are two types of ineffective drugs – weakly acting counterparts and fakes. If the latter are outright fraud, although not always punishable, the former are completely legal drugs. First about them.

Weakly acting drugs with amaranth
Amaranth medicines that fall into this category are generics. Not every “amaranth” generic is worse than the original drug, but it should be noted that the majority are weaker, especially in Ukraine, Russia, in Asian countries. For a start, let’s figure out what a generic is.

Suppose a certain pharmaceutical company with a good scientific and technical base is developing a new drug. It turns out to be effective, the company patents it, launches it on the market, advertises … After a while, often a dozen or two years, the patent expires. Together with the expiration of the patent, anyone who wants can acquire the right to produce a product that is identical in content. The condition is one: it should have a different name. That is why we often hear from pharmacists advice to “take these pills, because they are the same, they are just called differently.” These are generic drugs.

In Western European countries, generics undergo a mandatory equivalence test with the original on three criteria:

  • bioequivalence, or how much the drug is identical to the original in its biochemical properties (often determined by the rate of absorption into the blood and the amount of substance that is absorbed);
  • pharmaceutical equivalence or identity of the generic formulation to the original formulation;
  • therapeutic equivalence, or to what extent the result of taking a generic matches the result of taking the original (that is, whether the patient who took the generic was cured and whether it happened as quickly as in the case of taking the original drug).

Due to such a check, ineffective generics are practically not found in Western Europe. As a result, the system works there, as it was intended: pharmaceutical companies gain access to ready-made prescription drugs and produce them “according to the instructions”, exactly copying the process of making the original drug. Since they, unlike the inventors of the drug, do not need to spend money on promotion, a patent, etc., high-quality, potent drugs are available for sale at a lower price.

A little bit about domestic generics

The situation is different in our area. We only need to pass a bioequivalence test to release a generic for sale. In other words, if the drug is based on the same substance as the original, and is absorbed at the same rate and to the same extent as the original, then, according to the logic of this test, it corresponds to the original. Of course, in practice it turns out differently. Manufacturers do lay the foundation for the same substance as the original, however:

a) the substance may slightly differ (it will be obtained in another way, it will be obtained from different raw materials – there are many options);

b) auxiliary components can be replaced by analogues, often cheaper and of lower quality;

c) the production technology can be cheapened, which will affect the quality of the final product.

Well, for example. It is known that the most high-quality amaranth oil is the oil obtained by the pressing method. So it does not get harmful substances that are necessary for its extraction method, so it does not undergo refining, which cleans the product not only from harmful, but also from many useful substances that have a definite therapeutic effect. Here manufacturers and write that the composition of the generic is “amaranth oil, obtained by pressing.” Only the sight of the fact that there is cold pressing and hot. And if at the first all useful substances that are contained in the fat of amaranth are saved, in the second case, under the influence of higher temperatures, some of them disappear. Of course, such amaranth oil is quite useful. And of course, there really do not get harmful substances that would fall if extraction were applied. But the result is unequivocal: an oil that is less saturated with useful substances is added to the generic than to the original preparation, which means that the elements that produce a therapeutic effect, at least partially, may simply be absent there.

It is not necessary to tell in detail what the actual picture could be if the manufacturer indicates simply “amaranth oil” in the composition. It may well be refined there. But the most inconvenient is that under the laconic “amaranth oil” there can be hiding really high-quality healing cold pressed amaranth oil.

With auxiliary elements, too, everything is not easy. The drug, getting into the patient’s body, it can be said, “breaks up” into active substances that are beginning to act. Some of these substances have a much stronger effect, being in a kind of “bundle” with others. For example, for the normalization of certain processes, a bundle of a certain amino acid with a specific vitamin will be needed, and sometimes a catalyst that “launches” the active substance is needed, to put it bluntly. Therefore, in the preparations add not particularly effective from a therapeutic point of view, but enhancing the action of the main substance components. In amaranth-based medications, these are often other useful plants. And they may well be replaced by cheaper counterparts, and no one will look at that. The basis is – is. And that it will work worse without a specific auxiliary component – it is the tenth thing.

How to distinguish high-quality generic from amaranth from low-quality?
First, you need to look at the manufacturer. Often, the release of low-quality generics is handled by small companies that have a small range of very diverse effects, applications and other characteristics of drugs. As a rule, in order to produce completely different quality drugs, different ingredients are needed, sometimes quite expensive ones. Companies that can afford the purchase of such a quantity of ingredients usually have a more extensive range.

Secondly, you should pay attention to the quality of the packaging and the appearance of the product as a whole. Serious pharmaceutical companies care about the safety of the drug at all stages of its delivery to the consumer, so pay close attention to the reliability of the packaging and compliance with all storage conditions. In the process of moving the drug in poor-quality packaging can lose some of the useful properties, and this is well known to all. Companies that do not pay enough attention to these issues, most likely, do not pay enough attention to the issue of the effectiveness of the drug.

Thirdly, one should be attentive to the auxiliary components and, if possible, compare them with the auxiliary components in the original preparation. If they do not coincide in more than three points, it is advisable to think again before buying this drug.

Fourth, do not neglect the reviews. In the absence of proper testing, reviews are analogous to testing for equivalence of the therapeutic effect. It is clear that many people perceive different drugs in different ways, especially if they are preparations based on herbal ingredients. Most likely, some consumers will respond negatively.

Fifthly, if there is an opportunity to buy the original – it is better to buy the original. Amaranth oil is a very “thin” ingredient, the effectiveness of which depends on the mass of trifles such as variety or the same production technology, and all pharmacological tests and medical research are usually carried out on its most qualitative varieties. The drug, respectively, is better to choose the one that was produced on the basis of these studies directly by the research company – this is the best guarantee.

Counterfeit drugs with amaranth
If a generic is manufactured on the basis of an active drug, and therefore is capable of producing at least some effect and with minor diseases in most cases will help, then things are different with fakes. Due to the almost complete absence of therapeutic components in them or due to the incompetent selection of components, such tools do not help at all.

Preparations based on herbal ingredients are forged much more often than drugs with the so-called “chemistry”. First, this is due to the lack of checks already described. Secondly, no scammer wants to find himself on the dock because someone has become disabled after taking his product 766495444. Vegetable components contained in fakes, often can not cause the body such harm that the person refused the body or develop a very serious disease. In contrast, substances synthesized in biochemical laboratories are quite capable of this. And if, having lost health, a person is really likely to go to court, then, simply not having received the promised effect, he will often just write a review on the Internet. And sometimes this will not do, deciding that, you never know, suddenly he just the body is immune to this drug. Knowing this aspect of psychology, fraudsters often use it.

They also use another psychological device, describing the remedy as therapeutic and potent, but realizing it where no one expects to see a powerful drug. So “medical” drugs fall into the line of products that should not be treated at all. For example, in the line of skin creams suddenly appears miracle ointment, which heals literally everything. And it is not about different types of scratches – here both pyelonephritis, and osteoporosis, and hepatitis, and something else. How all this can be combined is a separate question. Of course, this effect will not produce any effect. Well, unless scratches, can, heals …

Another calculation is for the placebo effect. And oddly enough, it works largely in favor of fraudsters. We have a lot of patients who, after reading articles on the Internet, make terrible diagnoses for themselves, and then, for nothing, they buy drugs that treat osteoporosis and hepatitis right away – and everything goes away. It is logical: passes, if you pass, in fact, nothing.

What are such fakes?
Often this is some kind of cheap, harmless substance in which various herbs are mixed in for the mind. For the “miraculous” ointments take any bases for creams, petroleum jelly and so on. Powders are also made from herbal ingredients, which are not capable of causing harm. For example, there is a fairly well-known drug for weight loss, which is 100% made from pumpkin. How does she help lose weight? Yes, nothing. Is that losing weight will only eat these pills month. However, in this case, he, along with losing weight, will earn a number of diseases.

Amaranth in fakes often acts as a powder from the leaves. Amaranth oil is a rather expensive product, amaranth grain is slightly cheaper, but the leaves are even cheaper and more accessible, and the name is the same, which everyone knows is amaranth. As a rule, toxic varieties are not taken for the same reason: it is not interesting to anyone later to explain why, instead of the therapeutic effect, the drug produced the exact opposite. But 51 feed go with a bang. They are not only not harmful, but partly useful; they are cheap; they are easy to grow even independently; they give a good harvest of green mass – all conditions for those who want to earn on a well-known name.

There are fakes more expensive – that’s where amaranth oil is used. What is this butter? Either refined, or diluted, or not amaranth in general. The first cases are quite rare: refined amaranth oil is simply rarely produced, since no one needs it especially, and the production process is still quite expensive. But the other two types of fraud scammers favor. Diluted oil is added if this component is abundant, if its appearance and taste is required. In the media, where it is minimum and the consumer cannot evaluate it visually, oil can be of any kind. Often use cheap olive, for example.

Do not really be afraid to get to a fake. Often it doesn’t hurt a person, and after a month of admission it becomes clear that there’s no point in dealing with this tool anymore. But, of course, she will not help, and the money will be spent.

How to recognize a fake?

Here you can apply two stages of “testing”. The first eliminates counterfeit in general, the second – namely, “amaranth” ineffective means.

The general rules are as follows.

99% of fakes are drugs that treat several completely different and quite serious diseases. The remaining 1% – the fact that someone illiterately made a description, deciding to show off the talent of the advertiser and exaggerating the effectiveness of the drug. That is, the drug cannot simultaneously treat pyelonephritis and ischemic heart disease, this is absurd. But! However, it may well help with diseases of the kidneys and the cardiovascular system. This means that it has a component that is useful for the kidneys, and for the heart and blood vessels and that can help in the restoration of these tissues, for example, or to speed up some process, the exchange of any substances in these organs, and so on. Such components exist and are found among the plant. Therefore, the first rule: pay attention to the wording. Treat and help with the restoration – different things.

Hence the second rule: do not believe categorical statements. No research pharmacologist will say that this substance helps absolutely all people and will definitely cure this disease in everyone. Not. People are different, their susceptibility to drugs is different, their living conditions are different, and all this significantly affects how the substance behaves in each person’s body. It can help with lekarstva-instrukciya.jpg.pagespeed.ce.nVEJxVKGD8 high probability, can cure a certain percentage of patients in the control group, but loud and too confident statements are almost always a sign of a fake. Experienced doctors have seen a lot in their lifetime, so they are people who doubt and like to be reinsured.

Rule three: read the descriptions of drugs. Companies that know what they produce, why they produce, and know that it is effective, so they write: amaranth oil affects the vessels here, and here, powder from amaranth leaves contributes to this particular biochemical process. But if the description of the drug on two pages tells about its history, the legends of the Incas are retold, and then all the varieties are listed – it is worth being alerted. Inca legends are interesting, but they have nothing to do with pharmacology.

Rule Four: Do not believe miraculous means. Drugs that treat incurable diseases completely restore heart tissue after heart attacks, in a few days they make the liver as new and perform other miracles, they are not worth it on the shelves in pharmacies. And do not exist.

These simple rules can and should be applied whenever someone advised a dietary supplement, tea for weight loss or ointment “from the joints” based on herbal ingredients, regardless of what herbs, oils and bones are used there. It is worth remembering about them when choosing different products “with vitamins, minerals” and very original components. For example, shampoos with pearls extract. The secret of “silkiness” of pearls lies not in the chemical composition, but in the location of aragonite crystals. And aragonite is calcium carbonate, which consists of, for example, scale. How to extract the extract from the scale? .. That’s it.

But there are several exceptionally “amaranth” features that will help distinguish effective medicine with amaranth from fake.

Private rules – for “amaranth” drugs
Feature One, or Amaranth Essential Oil

“Amaranth Essential Oil” sounds more beautiful than just “amaranth oil”. There is one snag: it does not exist. Amaranth does not contain as many volatile – or “ether” – substances that they can be extracted with benefit. You can, of course, overtake the plant under steam, but the amount of “essential oil” obtained will be so insignificant that it does not make the slightest sense. Not to mention the fact that the most useful substances that amaranth can boast of will not go there in the mass. The amaranth does not possess a strange odor for the sake of which such senseless manipulations could be made. In a word, if essential amaranth oil is mentioned in the “composition”, then the compiler is clearly not Mo8EUUpdYUIHFTiB2034 that this amaranth is and why it is needed. Or knows, but wants to deceive the consumer. Or – see the next paragraph.

Feature Two, or Amaranth Extract

Amaranth extract can be obtained, in contrast to the essential oil. And by mistake it can even be called essential oil, since the extraction method is used in the manufacture of essential oils from essential oil plants. But it is, as a rule, ordinary amaranth oil obtained by the extraction method. Unfortunately, the manufacture of oil in this way requires the use of substances that are not very useful to humans. They are necessary in order to “draw out” the maximum amount of fat from the grain, which is impossible to achieve using the pressing method or, as it is often called, pressing. These substances, respectively, fall into the oil, after which the product is purified from them. But when cleaning decreases the amount of nutrients. And sometimes the extracted oil is not very carefully cleaned – and toxins, even if in negligible quantities, remain in it. It is possible to use such a product in cooking without consequences, although cold-pressed oil is still more beneficial. But definitely the “amaranth extract” of this kind is not too suitable for the consumer who intends to be treated with amaranth, and there is nothing for him to do in medicines.

Sometimes amaranth extract is called different substances, obtained when trying to extract something from amaranth leaves or from seeds. Alas, the biochemical composition of flowers, leaves, and amaranth grains is such that it is possible to extract from them by the extraction method, if something is possible, then in insignificant quantities. The benefits of these substances, as a rule, no.

Feature Three, or Amaranth Grades

Watch out for varieties. If the manufacturer decided to indicate the variety of amaranth, then this can mean two things: either he really knows the smallest details of the preparation of the drug, or he decided to please the buyer with beautiful names. In fairness, the first is more common. But if there are doubts in the producer, and he indicated a variety, it would not be out of place to turn to Internet search services and clarify whether this variety is used in the pharmaceutical industry.

Feature Four, or Nutrients

Different parts of amaranth are used in pharmaceuticals for different purposes. They can be linked and used against any disease together. Their products can be used as the same amaranth oil, the most common ingredient in amaranth-based medicines. However, they all have well-defined active ingredients designed to play a specific role in curing the disease. Understanding this role will require a more detailed study of both the drug and the disease, but the extra knowledge about your illness usually does little to harm. The task is to determine whether the substances contained in the product of amaranth, which was introduced into the drug, are capable of helping with the disease for which the drug is intended to cure.

It is also worth seeing what the manufacturer says about active substances. If he directly reports that there is high-density lipoprotein in the amaranth oil, which counteracts cholesterol Bird-And-Red-Amaranth-Flower-Pic deposits and thus helps to cure atherosclerosis, then there is no reason not to believe it. But if in the components only amaranth oil is indicated, and the manufacturer writes on two pages that there are both proteins and a dozen vitamins in amaranth and that all this produces such and such an effect – be careful. In amaranth, it is all there and the effect produces. And in amaranth oil, which is indicated in the composition, no proteins are found, and there are a limited amount of vitamins. And in this case, we can assume that information about proteins was obtained as part of a general acquaintance with the world of medicinal plants, but it does not have a special relation to this drug.

And yet: it is better to buy drugs in safe places. A self-respecting manufacturer will not sell goods to anyone.

We hope that these simple rules will save you from buying useless medicines. Keep track of the quality of purchased medications – and be healthy with amaranth!

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